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By Carrie "Chunkz" Hintz, 2021-2023 ALRA Director

Hello fellow riders.

Sending out this news letter from Georgia. I haven't had the opportunity to write to you in forever. Love to recap workshop, convention, the Posts I've been able to visit this last month. I feel that it's best to get the summer as my focus. Remember, I've been away almost a month; there might have been an update, so most of you might know more than me.

Dates for ROMP are June 23rd-25th at Chapter 20. There will be a meeting.

Also, we have Salute to Vets. Dates for this event are July 22 & 23. If you need more information go to your local Chapter Director.

I need to take the opportunity to say Thank You to everyone for the support I received as your Department Director last year. Also, to thank you for the faith in me to lead us for a second year. Thank you. Thank you to the board who served with me last year, and welcome to the new board members.

I am very grateful for all the opportunities this position has given me.

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